Hellboy 15th Anniversary Show.

So. I have been participating with a wonderful group of artists and illustrators and a higher caliber of nerd than I have any right to be a part of, calling themselves the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. And recently was asked to join in in a show celebrating the birth of one of modern comic's most creative and unique heroes: Hellboy.

My friend Peter and I collaborated on a promotional poster (for sale here) for the show and I created a standalone piece for display as well.
The poster does not leave much to the imagination, but, unless you are an in depth follower of Hellboy lore my piece may need some explanation.

I'll give you a brief one:this is the Ogdru Jahad, a 7 headed dragon, bringer of apocalypse. Protected by aliens. Something of a Lovecraftian thing to some, a more representational dragon to others.

I'll let you pick.



pw! said...

dude i don't even know what to say. first of all this is amazing. second of all, if there is ONE person who is ballsy enough to do this, it is you. third, if there is one person i am GLAD did the dragon, it is YOU. but the color tone? the inset images!?! the corner skulls? simple perfect border? the inset frames !?!?! this is ridiculous

wandering genie said...

hey! i saw the poster but not this piece. it's fucking great!!