Beer Labels!

So for the last couple months I have been brewing beer, as I am stilllll un-employed. Here are the labels for the first three batches that I made up. Uncle Touchy APA, Ole Nutter English Brown, and Jake and the Stoutman Oatmeal Stout.


wandering genie said...

haha these look awesome and HORRIBLE

∞ Amy ∞ said...

These are phenomenal and creepy and I would absolutely buy the beer behind them (but, you know, I'd rather drink it for free)

pw! said...

absolutely incredible. the best "THE" i've ever seen. hilarious. disquieting. delicious. uncomfortable. gorgeous. even the damned stained wood in the back is classy. the little dots in the corners. little hairs. Jake & the Stoutman.

want to try these sometime. perhaps a trip in May to philly ?