Recent Idiocy.

So. Here are two pieces done for recent shows (Picklefest and The 90's). Both are really dumb. It turns out that's what I'm occasionally good at.


∞ Amy ∞ said...

1. That's one badass pickle. (Yes, I've said that before, most likely.)

2. OK Picklefest, whut? When and where was this? Sounds almost as awesome as Scrapplefest.
OK, not really.

pw! said...

oh my god look at Shatterstar!!!!!!!!!! oh man oh man oh man, you REALLY paid tribute here. magnificent

god bless America that there is even such a thing as Picklefest

Michael Bukowski said...

HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHH ewwww the little pickle butthole at the gross!

Eurocastle Peanutter said...

So many picklefests!