Latest Workings!

Hey innernets! It's been a few few weeks of interweb absence. I have been occupied making things full time again at the new job (which I will post when I can...for now check out Sourpuss Clothing for the chance to maybe catch some of my designs), planting things, building and destroying things, drinking, cleaning paintball rifles, etc.
That said, attached are a couple small things I've been throwing together know, the usual awesome suspects.
Up top a color flier for the sweet dudes from To Tremble, below a couple of small, small paintings for the Autumn Society's latest show at the new G1988 space.

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pw! said...

oh wow. most fun flyer ever...
but the three 3B pieces? wow. still mulling them over. so special in approach, so truly unique in end result. how do you make something old timey but as fun as cool-aid during a break from playtime? how do you make everything so Awesome? you can't even help it