The Dark and Deep is Full of Creeps.

(Click for Larger View!)

So, after exterminating all living things in our house (and being vacant from it for several days) I finally have had time to scan in and frame this lil' painting for an upcoming benefit show hosted by the always wonderful Ryann Casey entitled 'From Whence We Came'. It is an benefit held entirely for Oceanic conservation, a cause I can fully support, despite being terrified of the things that live below the water. Read a more in depth summary of it at the FB page invite, and if you can, stop by and grab some amazing cheap artwork!

Also, yes, all of the things in this are real creatures referenced from the book The Deep...which I highly recommend.


wandering genie said...

oh man, what if your vampire squid is scarier than mine?
also I love this!

J.Gray said...

Uh, so I'm glad Keegan bought your piece. He saved me money. Can you please stop making the best art at every show?!