Gut Pile.

So, Thanks again goes out to the Autumn Society for handing me some distraction this week from drawing beaded necklaces and knot tying instructions. Here is a submission piece for a forthcoming Image Comics book called Sullivan's Sluggers. I don't know how many details I can spill, but, the general idea is that a baseball team of miscreants fights demons. Think Major League meets Evil Dead. So good, right? Anyway, here is my hand at a pinup page for the book. Hope you like it. It's full of intestines.

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pw! said...

i was walking around the neighborhood with Sarah friday trying to explain this to her before i would eventually be able to show her and get speechless all over again. i think the best i could do, aside from saying "just you wait until you see it", was: "i don't think it's even fair to say it's the most delightfully complex thing he's ever done, because in truth, i've never seen a piece like this that constantly and perpetually keeps revealing things". looking at this for long periods of time, and believe me, i have, is kind like watching something impossibly never stop unfolding. picking talking points like color, light, complexity, intermingling, impossible points of origin, things that make me squeamish with disgust and simultaneous delight, and complete and utter awesomeness, seem a little futile. this piece is a monster unto itself