Little Baby's Coloring Book & Mixtape!

So here's a little guy I've been working on for a bit, mostly in secret. The wonderful weirdos over at Little Baby's Ice Cream approached me a while ago to put together a special little package for them for their soon to be opening store (These will be available this Fri. Aug. 3). Said package was to include this, an ice cream centric Funny Business coloring book, a mixtape, and one more special, yet to be announced item. I haven't posted anything, as I was waiting for them to let the world know about this activity book for ice cream enthusiasts and discerning weirdos.
It includes, but is scarcely limited to: Hillbilly Ice Cream mutants, Darby Crash: the Ice Cream cone, (also Black Metal Ice Cream, Skinhead Ice Cream, and more in the ensemble...)and a gaggle of flavors as a who's who of the Masters of the Universe.
So, that all exists. As well as bikers, surfers, skulls, BMX ice cream cones, and more. A collaborative effort all around: the book was edited and composed by myself and the lovely Jeff Ziga, the mixtape was curated and mixed by Ryan T.

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