Grip Up! : An Amateur Arm Wrestling Competition.

So here's yet another ridiculous illustration of animate food. Including a hot dog. And an Ice Cream man. And arm wrestling. This one is for an upcoming event sponsored by Dapper Dog (one of my favorite purveyors of hot dog goodness), Little Baby's Ice Cream (obv's), and Philadelphia's own Yards Brewing Co. (makers of Brawler: my personal favorite sipping beer).
The Grip up is an amateur level, outdoor arm wrestling competition, to be followed by a screening of probably the best movie made about the sweet science of wrst-wrestle: Over the Top (the poster of which was the basis for the composition of this piece). There will be prizes. There will probably be hats turned around. There won't be any semi trucks up for grabs. Find all the details HERE. Proceeds to benefit the PSPCA.