MBMBAM: A Year in Review 2 : 20-Doz

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 Here, again, is a collection of the most pyscho-sexually disturbing (and to be fair also  non-pyscho sexually disturbing) images that I have ever created based on my favorite ramblings of the Brothers McElroy, from the hit 'advice' podcast: MBMBAM. For those not familiar: get familiar. This is an advice show for the moderne era hosted by 3 of the most goof laden, genuine, heartwarmingly funny, and occasionally wildly disturbing dudes I have heard in an age. Need oddball love advice about a failing long distance relationship? Or advice on what to do to get your special lady to be a She Hulk? Need to tell your stepdad that you hate him and to send pizza? They have you covered. My workweek is made at least an hour shorter each & every from the chuckles that these fellas deliver. Hope you enjoy. And I am very, very sorry.

•Note: Sooooome illustrations are distinctly NSFW, so, be careful with the ole' zoom.

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