MBMBAM: A Year in Review 2 : 20-Doz

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 Here, again, is a collection of the most pyscho-sexually disturbing (and to be fair also  non-pyscho sexually disturbing) images that I have ever created based on my favorite ramblings of the Brothers McElroy, from the hit 'advice' podcast: MBMBAM. For those not familiar: get familiar. This is an advice show for the moderne era hosted by 3 of the most goof laden, genuine, heartwarmingly funny, and occasionally wildly disturbing dudes I have heard in an age. Need oddball love advice about a failing long distance relationship? Or advice on what to do to get your special lady to be a She Hulk? Need to tell your stepdad that you hate him and to send pizza? They have you covered. My workweek is made at least an hour shorter each & every from the chuckles that these fellas deliver. Hope you enjoy. And I am very, very sorry.

•Note: Sooooome illustrations are distinctly NSFW, so, be careful with the ole' zoom.

Grip Up! : An Amateur Arm Wrestling Competition.

So here's yet another ridiculous illustration of animate food. Including a hot dog. And an Ice Cream man. And arm wrestling. This one is for an upcoming event sponsored by Dapper Dog (one of my favorite purveyors of hot dog goodness), Little Baby's Ice Cream (obv's), and Philadelphia's own Yards Brewing Co. (makers of Brawler: my personal favorite sipping beer).
The Grip up is an amateur level, outdoor arm wrestling competition, to be followed by a screening of probably the best movie made about the sweet science of wrst-wrestle: Over the Top (the poster of which was the basis for the composition of this piece). There will be prizes. There will probably be hats turned around. There won't be any semi trucks up for grabs. Find all the details HERE. Proceeds to benefit the PSPCA.

Little Baby's Coloring Book & Mixtape!

So here's a little guy I've been working on for a bit, mostly in secret. The wonderful weirdos over at Little Baby's Ice Cream approached me a while ago to put together a special little package for them for their soon to be opening store (These will be available this Fri. Aug. 3). Said package was to include this, an ice cream centric Funny Business coloring book, a mixtape, and one more special, yet to be announced item. I haven't posted anything, as I was waiting for them to let the world know about this activity book for ice cream enthusiasts and discerning weirdos.
It includes, but is scarcely limited to: Hillbilly Ice Cream mutants, Darby Crash: the Ice Cream cone, (also Black Metal Ice Cream, Skinhead Ice Cream, and more in the ensemble...)and a gaggle of flavors as a who's who of the Masters of the Universe.
So, that all exists. As well as bikers, surfers, skulls, BMX ice cream cones, and more. A collaborative effort all around: the book was edited and composed by myself and the lovely Jeff Ziga, the mixtape was curated and mixed by Ryan T.

Hot D-Day (For the Dog Days of Summer).

A new addition to my constant struggle to jump all sharks: Hot D-Day. Done for a small pop up show with Autumn Society alums and in conjunction with one  of Philadelphia's premier hot dog cookin' establishments Hot Diggity Dog. Made specially for the Dog Days of Summer hot dog themed street festival, this piece is a mild recreation of an iconic image of the storming of Normandy Beach. Except, you know, with hot dogs.

How to Do Summer.

Hello, old friend. Summer is here, and I have taken an accidental hiatus from arts. Why? Because this summer has been for doing other things. Being on boats. Going into the woods. Adventuring. Geocaching? Yeah, that too. Breaking from my usual style of leaving personal and work semi-separate here's a summer-photo-exploits post full of wonder. And Taco Bell.
Goat races at Sly fox started summer. Alicia pets one. Then let there be Doritos Locos. And heads poked thru unicorn paintings at Art Star Craft Bazaar.
Then on to the closing, sadly, of Phantom Hand gallery.  A unique and brilliant space for a diverse mix of some of Philadelphia's finest to ply the wares of their astounding arts and musics. Alas, on South St. in the summer.
I regret none but the last.
Also the Delaware overlooking the Ben Franklin Bridge, and some Morgans Pier action. And the end of the debate of sprinkles vs. jimmies. Jimmies forever, motherfucker.
Liberty Lands BBQin'. And how I wish every meal ever looked. Ghetto sprinkler runnin' & drankin'. Free case of Vitamin Water, post block party, and...we...yeah. Patriotic corn-holing. Which is a phrase (that I'm super curious if will lead to keyword searches here...)
Dogs geocaching in Timber Creek park and our initial discovery of Timber Creek pond.

Alicia and her brother on a boat to a restaurant that you could pull said boat up to and order your food. Yup.

And next is my stupid head above the waves at Island Beach State Park. Which. Is THE BEST PLACE. We caught many a sandcrab that day, I tells ya.

If you haven't been there, it's a state park on the coast of NJ near Tom's River that is paid admission, so it cuts down on stragglers, and where more often than not you have to hike through wooded sand dunes to access the actual, pristine, lonely beach. It's a marvel.
No fucking joke.
Franklin adventures. With God Lights. In a creek hunting tadpoles. And seeing his first deer.

Said deer was seen in the woods surrounding Valley Forge Nat'l/ Park, where we also spotted the mini-Washingon monument.

And what Summer would be complete without watching live, as adults, dudes in funny hats play Double Dare on it's 25th anniversary with the real Marc Summers in a German style bier garten.
Which happened right before Radiolab Live in Philadelphia, where we saw giant dancing eyeballs, uber nerds, heard a blind man talk about sculpture, and turned the Academy of Music into outerspace.