Video Violence , Part 2.

So, here's my second entry into the Video Violence show for Exhumed. This time I took a bit more, uh, let's say obscure to be kind, movie and redrew the cover. Namely Neon Maniacs, which, you should only really hunt down if you have a lot of time. Cover and comp.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks!

Video Violence. Part 1.

So, Exhumed Films is doing this amazing art show later this month called Video Violence. In the show participants were asked to re-imagine a cover to one of their favorite cult-ish horror or sci-fi movies.

Here is my re-draw on Peter Jackson's penultimate film-making experiment, Dead Alive. So, uh...Nuff Said?

All the guts, lately. Here's the cover and a comp.

I should have my second cover up next week sometime. Stay tuned!

Gut Pile.

So, Thanks again goes out to the Autumn Society for handing me some distraction this week from drawing beaded necklaces and knot tying instructions. Here is a submission piece for a forthcoming Image Comics book called Sullivan's Sluggers. I don't know how many details I can spill, but, the general idea is that a baseball team of miscreants fights demons. Think Major League meets Evil Dead. So good, right? Anyway, here is my hand at a pinup page for the book. Hope you like it. It's full of intestines.