The Sailors Grave.

So there's this show at Sailor Jerry here in Philadelphia this week dedicated to, and I quote: "Booze, Broads, and Boats". So. There you have it.

Here's my contribution to the show. Sort of a spin on sailor-lass chic, mixed with some siren overtones. Oh and whiskey barrels.

The Tunnel x Dead of Night Radio.

Read about this illustration/collaboration project here. This was a rad experience, and I was honored to add my touch to this wonderful project.

Video Violence , Part 2.

So, here's my second entry into the Video Violence show for Exhumed. This time I took a bit more, uh, let's say obscure to be kind, movie and redrew the cover. Namely Neon Maniacs, which, you should only really hunt down if you have a lot of time. Cover and comp.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks!

Video Violence. Part 1.

So, Exhumed Films is doing this amazing art show later this month called Video Violence. In the show participants were asked to re-imagine a cover to one of their favorite cult-ish horror or sci-fi movies.

Here is my re-draw on Peter Jackson's penultimate film-making experiment, Dead Alive. So, uh...Nuff Said?

All the guts, lately. Here's the cover and a comp.

I should have my second cover up next week sometime. Stay tuned!

Gut Pile.

So, Thanks again goes out to the Autumn Society for handing me some distraction this week from drawing beaded necklaces and knot tying instructions. Here is a submission piece for a forthcoming Image Comics book called Sullivan's Sluggers. I don't know how many details I can spill, but, the general idea is that a baseball team of miscreants fights demons. Think Major League meets Evil Dead. So good, right? Anyway, here is my hand at a pinup page for the book. Hope you like it. It's full of intestines.


Hey dudes! SO. In a rush after traveling I had to knock out a piece for the Autumn Society's Video Game Gore show, at the lovely Brave New Worlds. It's a subject I am totally in love with, and well versed in, but, since I didnt want to re-tread old ground, figured I would hammer out something new.

This piece is based on the ethereal, lovely, and brilliantly designed Xbox Live Arcade game Limbo, put out over the summer by a group of wonderfully talented Swedish designers. The game is very subtle, open to interpretation, and in a non-graphic way, extremely, extremely brutal. Anybody with an Xbox and a few hours should give it a go.

Anyhew. Here's my 2 color nod to their wonderful game.

Burning Bodies.

Hanging from poles.
I have always loved the Misfits.
This Halloween, thanks to the wonderful Sam Heimer, I get to do a piece detailing their most Halloween-centric song for a wonderful show called Hallowed Halloween. I hope to see some of you there...this show should be awesome.
Cheers, Ghouls and Ghosts.

Technology is Racing.

Hey dudes! So, here is my recently wrapped up contribution to the Triple G show. A nerd show at Gallery 1988 in LA based on 3 classic 80's movies. I always liked that there was a certain amount of scientific experimentation and innovation in each of the 3 movies involved(Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins:I know, I know, it's Gremlins 2, but....) which ends up usually mis-firing, but eventually turns the tables on the baddies.

I really enjoy making piece specific repeat patterns, and so attached is the detail of the wallpaper-esque patterns in the background of each part...

So, an addendum: Good friend and fellow occasional Blogger, wonderful toy designer, and astounding musician Kyle Hussa-Lietz pointed this out to me, which fucking made a wonderful weekend more wonderful: one of my favorite nerd blogs posts about the show!

Kappas Will Eat Your Guts.

So recently I was asked by good buddy Chogrin to contribute to a book all about monsters from world folklore. I chose the Kappa, a wonderfully odd, sort of cute, sort of terrifying aquatic creature from Japan's folk history. Look him up. Total weirdo. Anyway the book is being put out by the wonderful folks over at Tiki Machine. You should go check them out too.


Here's a new little limited color piece done for an Autumn Society show celebratin' Japanese Pop culture. Ultra-Mandance. The first dance is yours.


While I'm at it, here's another recently finished piece done for a Mars themed coloring book. The idea was to not stray too far from the realms of science, and possibility, namely: no aliens, space dragon/wizard battles, etc. This is a nod to both current technology and the idea of Mars being used as a backup Earth for when this one gets totally boned, which would be accomplished with space stations and shuttling and terraforming.

Pricks at Risk.

Piece done for an 80's Toy themed show for the Autumn Society. All my favorite jerk dudes from my collection, who were all trying to take over a world, in some regard, succeeding the only way they were gonna. What a bunch of turds. Seriously? Buzz Saw arms? Ridic.

Recent Idiocy.

So. Here are two pieces done for recent shows (Picklefest and The 90's). Both are really dumb. It turns out that's what I'm occasionally good at.

So. I dont know how many folks are watching the world cup.
Probably a lot, I'd imagine. And as those folks watch, I have been listening, as I'm streaming that shit on my computer while I work, and I cant look both places at once.

So. Listening to the World Cup as you work. Almost useless really, thanks to the constant, unyielding buzz of the Vuvuzela. So. Here is a piece dedicated entirely to the Vuvuzela, it's users, it's fans, and it's creator.

Get fucked, dummies.

Brutal Triumph.

Car accidents with screaming NY cabbies. Tracing Disney Princess hero dudes. Watching extra dogs. Busy weeks. Here is a piece dedicated to all things not those things. Brutal Legend: the finest game crafted solely in a world of heavy metal. Lemmy, Ozzy, and Rob Halford are all in the game. On your side. Brothers of metal.

Beer Labels!

So for the last couple months I have been brewing beer, as I am stilllll un-employed. Here are the labels for the first three batches that I made up. Uncle Touchy APA, Ole Nutter English Brown, and Jake and the Stoutman Oatmeal Stout.

Dead Time? Nope.

Dead space. Did you like Alien(s)? Then check it out. Creepy creepy creepy. Amazing sound design. Here's everything I could remember from when I beat the game last diminished smiley face format.

What Time Is It?

Adventure Time!
Digital Illustration done as promotional (and fan) art for the forthcoming Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time. The show looks amazing, and,if you haven't seen anything about it yet check it out here.

Good Luck! Flier Design.

Last week a very good friend approached me to do a flier for a forthcoming show he was booking featuring a wonderful, poppy-punk, good-time band named Good Luck, with whom I was previously unfamiliar. So. I listened to their music, took in my winter time surroundings and put this little guy together. Everyone was stoked!

Alex's Heart Show.

A piece done for a themed show where all artwork is done in the format of a heart (the show is this weekend for Valentines day). The heart template is supplied to you when you enter the show. This is the first acrylic paint I have touched in probably 5 years. I cut out the puking kids head from another piece of balsa, which, it turns out is terrible to paint on.

Barf. Still funny to me. Sort of.


So, having the time this year, I decided to contribute some things to the Fun-A-Day art project. The idea of this project is that you pick a theme (media, whatever) and do one piece a day for the entire month of January, and, come February, you put all your work up in a show.

My idea was to watch a terrible (or great, in a lot of cases) Post Apocalypse movie, and do a portrait of one of the survivors (or multiple survivors) from each. I tried to run the gamut from aliens to zombies to plague to mania. Here are sets of the finished illos. all about 5x7. Ink and Watercolor.

Video Game Nerdery, Cont'd. Again.

As I havent been playing too many new new games, I reached into the back catalog to grab imagery from one of my favorite over the top games from last year. The ole' bromance shootem up of Gears of War has a lot of imagery to mine from, and I enjoyed every head popping moment of doing just that.

Video Game Nerdery, Cont'd.

To perpetuate the standard set over the last couple weeks: here is a new painting based on my love of video games.I recently finished Uncharted 2 on the PS3...which was an amazing romp. I hope to have captured a lot of the things that happened within.
Thanks for looking! More to come.

University of the Arts Alumni. Part Deux.

Here is the second image chosen to hang in the University of the Arts Illustration Alumni show.


Here are two paintings I have been working on over the last 2 weeks. Just something to feed an obsession and kill the time. They are, as a matter of pride, the nerdiest things I have ever drawn.

The first is a throwback to my first 'Next-Gen' addiction: Halo 3. Crammed in here is as much as I could remember from the game. And reading all the novels. Gulp.

The second is a tribute to my latest gaming addiction: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. I tried to put in as much as I could post prestige-ing. Same format. Stay tuned for more nerdy, nerdy things to come.