Technology is Racing.

Hey dudes! So, here is my recently wrapped up contribution to the Triple G show. A nerd show at Gallery 1988 in LA based on 3 classic 80's movies. I always liked that there was a certain amount of scientific experimentation and innovation in each of the 3 movies involved(Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins:I know, I know, it's Gremlins 2, but....) which ends up usually mis-firing, but eventually turns the tables on the baddies.

I really enjoy making piece specific repeat patterns, and so attached is the detail of the wallpaper-esque patterns in the background of each part...

So, an addendum: Good friend and fellow occasional Blogger, wonderful toy designer, and astounding musician Kyle Hussa-Lietz pointed this out to me, which fucking made a wonderful weekend more wonderful: one of my favorite nerd blogs posts about the show!

Kappas Will Eat Your Guts.

So recently I was asked by good buddy Chogrin to contribute to a book all about monsters from world folklore. I chose the Kappa, a wonderfully odd, sort of cute, sort of terrifying aquatic creature from Japan's folk history. Look him up. Total weirdo. Anyway the book is being put out by the wonderful folks over at Tiki Machine. You should go check them out too.