And Thus A Flaming Skull was in a Chokehold.

I will be slowly trickling out new work over the next few weeks. Some of it from our recent show at Greenline Cafe, some not. This piece was for that show. It involves a luchador in the midst of slime monsters, lizard men, Draculas, mummies, wolfmens, and aliens putting a giant cybernetic flaming skull wrestler in a chokehold. Obviously. Also: Frankenstein in a flying car. Living cactus. Words.

Adventure on a Small Floating Island, Part II.

Companion piece to Adventure on a Small Floating Island I, which can be seen in an earlier post. These 2 paired pieces feature some/most of my favorite things, including: A corgi, a lady adventurer, floating eyeballs, slime monsters, animate Rice Krispy treats, tentacles, more floating eyeballs, I think a monster made of beer, and possibly a living terror macaroon. So.

Empty Night Skies. _ats.

Here is my image for the Empty Night Skies upcoming benefit show. See previous post for more details regarding the cause and it's dates or check out it's event page here. The premise behind this is pretty easily identified (Which is to say it's a bat with a tat on a cat and a rat on pat covered mat with some splats of some fats and a vat behind a gat and a gnat flying round an AT-AT who is looking at a hat). Below is the bat-themed repeat pattern dropped in behind the image. For photo shop whizzes this is hi enough res to grab, crop and make a repeat out of. Feel free.

Dummo and the Queen: Arts of Me and Alicia Neal.

I know it's sort of last minute, but coming up this Friday (April 13th) is the opening reception for the 2 month long showing of the artworks of me and the lovely Alicia Neal. There will be some old work, offset by a bunch of new stuff from us both! If you haven't seen us much in the last few weeks, this is a good chunk of the reason!

It will be at the 45th and Locust location of the Green Line Cafe, and starting around 6 PM. We would love to see some friendly faces, and hope you can make it out!

Below is one of my new works for the show, and the flier image is one of Alicia's fine new pieces, with my dumb type slapped on it. Hope you can make it to see the rest!