A Very Special Rob Bass Xmas Drawing.

So, this year was the first time in a long time I was involved in a Secret Santa. It was through work, which was an absolute joy, because I genuinely love everyone I work with. I was lucky enough to pull my bud Rob's name, who I had secretly been hoping for, because this was a thing I wanted to do, regardless of Secret Santa.

The story here is this: Rob draws at work all the time. He creates these awesome, scratchy, super imaginative monsters, wizards, skateboarding things, et al. and draws them all over our warehouse. Which is fucking great. Months ago he gave me a page of drawings in exchange for a bag of Andy Capp BBQ fries, which I took and recreated as a finished illustration. (Above.)

I took this retooled idea, slapped a stupid Justin filter on it, printed and framed it for his gift.
Below, see the original, my re-sketch, and the final side by side. I'm pretty stoked on all of it.

The Cake is a Lie.

(Click Above for Larger.)

This is a new project for a bit of an older (and terrific) videogame, Portal, done as an Xmas present for a great dude who has just run across it's addictive wonderfulness. I hope he likes it!

Latterman are Go!

So my friend Andy who lives next door ,just asked me if I could draw up a little flier for the band Latterman for their show here in December. FUCK YES. Latterman is one of my favorite bands from the last few years, who's passion, concern, nerdiness, and energy all come through in music that absolutely hits all of my favorite marks. Here's my humble little drawing for them, in a similar vein to the fliers I've been putting together for Good Luck...

Check out the awesome lineup/ get tix for the show here.
And see more of Latterman's music and such here.

I sincerely think everyone who might be reading this should come out and support these good fellas if they are playing in your area for one of the best show-going experiences, maybe ever.

The Descendant of Edrick.

This is my submission to the first (or second, who can keep track) international show sponsored by the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. The title of said show is '8 Bit Champions' and, as is suggested by the title, is comprised solely of works paying homage to the late, great era of 8-Bit gaming.

The game I chose was Dragon Quest, or, if you grew up here, Warrior, which was literally my first foray into the realm of RPG's. It was also the first video game I got that wasn't Super Mario Bros., which came bundled with my NES console. And as a bonus, I got it for free with my subscription to Nintendo Power, a subscription which I almost wholeheartedly blame for my current, adult addiction to reading endlessly about videogames.

Dead and Dreaming, HE.

Good morning eldritch, creeping friends! Here's my newest labor of love, and addition to the wonderful collection of art being put together by the endlessly talented, unnameably productive Sam Heimer for his newest show Dead and Dreaming, a modern take on illustrating the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

My foray into the Lovecraftian was based on the uber-short story 'He', about an aged NY magician showing a lurky artist the future of things to come with spells stolen from the native peoples of New York. I chose to leave out the space head-dresses, which, sadly, is not a joke.

Hope you enjoy!

Monster Creeps (A Fred Dekker Retrospective.)

So. This is seriously the thing I have been most excited about for weeks. Without being able to tell many folks about it.

What we have here is the promotional poster for an exclusive, 1 night art show/screening/meet and greet with a person who is undoubtedly one of the most influential artistic forces in my early years: director Fred Dekker, the mind behind such great films as House, Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad. I am seriously honored to be participating in this show at all, let alone doing a poster for it!

It seems like it will be a truly amazing night, and if anyone is around here for it, please stop by and check out the works of a bunch of amazing artists paying homage to a visionary director!

I attached the full size version above, so feel free to DL, and inspect closer.

Thanks dudes!

Good Luck! Part Deux.

(Click for FULL SIZE!)
So the lovely Mike Brennan recently approached me about doing a design of a flier for posi-pop-good time punk rockers Good Luck. It was to be the summer counterpart to the flier I put together for them over the winter: and here it is, tip to tails in 3 nights! Basically it's a dude for dude remake of the first one, only with switched seasons.

I need this band to do spring and fall tours too, I for no other reason than to finish the set.

The Dark and Deep is Full of Creeps.

(Click for Larger View!)

So, after exterminating all living things in our house (and being vacant from it for several days) I finally have had time to scan in and frame this lil' painting for an upcoming benefit show hosted by the always wonderful Ryann Casey entitled 'From Whence We Came'. It is an benefit held entirely for Oceanic conservation, a cause I can fully support, despite being terrified of the things that live below the water. Read a more in depth summary of it at the FB page invite, and if you can, stop by and grab some amazing cheap artwork!

Also, yes, all of the things in this are real creatures referenced from the book The Deep...which I highly recommend.

Rockets, Robots, You Get the Idea.

(Click Above for Larger Version.)

Here's my contribution to an upcoming show at the Jinxed Gallery (Toothless Cat) as a part of a show dedicated to Robots, Rockets, and Rayguns. Total blast to go outside my normal fair and deal with some retro sci-fi imagery.

Take a Lil' Toke(ka).

I wasn't originally going to do a piece for the Autumn Society's 'TMNT' themed show, but founder, and all around good dude Chogrin sent me a mail to see if I'd contribute to a side project all wrapped up with the show, and do a portrait of the ever evil, perpetually dumb Tokka. Aaaaaand: here he is. Along with all his original armaments from the toyline.


Latest Workings!

Hey innernets! It's been a few few weeks of interweb absence. I have been occupied making things full time again at the new job (which I will post when I can...for now check out Sourpuss Clothing for the chance to maybe catch some of my designs), planting things, building and destroying things, drinking, cleaning paintball rifles, etc.
That said, attached are a couple small things I've been throwing together for...you know, the usual awesome suspects.
Up top a color flier for the sweet dudes from To Tremble, below a couple of small, small paintings for the Autumn Society's latest show at the new G1988 space.

So, there is this little project I've been lending a slight hand to in the form of some artworks, logos, etc. called: Little Baby's Ice Cream. Recently, and before they even really are in business, they got a sweet write up in the Philadelphia City Paper. Pretty neat bunch of fellas, pretty neat idea.
Stoked for their business to be up and running come spring.
My inner fat kid waits impatiently.

Heart Show, Job Hunting, Video Games.

Having a full-time freelance job is tricky. Sometimes you don't have enough hours in the day to finish all the work you have piled up. Then there's January, and your job disappears. Maybe for good? Who knows.
But with free time comes freeing of responsibilities. Thus, I had time again to participate in several recent awesome, fun, and (hopefully profitable) shows. The pic posted above is from this year's Heart Show, a fun event full of Philadelphia's finest talent. Always great for a mixed bag of amazing artworks.

Pictured are my juvenile endeavor as well as the more refined, lovely work of Alicia Neal, who is always in danger of getting her hands punched due to talent.

Also up this month:
Beautiful Blooms hosts a new Second Thursday on Liberties Walk show, jam packed with good folks and great works.
And Masthead Gallery has a piece that I am not comfortable reposting. Due to it's entirely evil nature.

A Sneaky Peak.

Happy new year all!

So, I have felt remiss in not posting much in the past month, but real work has gotten the better of me, and no one who reads this is likely interested in that.
Thus: no tween girls jewelery kits on the blahg.

This is the first sneakiest of images of a project that is on my schedule to be completed by this time, next year. 1 year, 1 project. Stoked about the possibilities.