Dead Time? Nope.

Dead space. Did you like Alien(s)? Then check it out. Creepy creepy creepy. Amazing sound design. Here's everything I could remember from when I beat the game last diminished smiley face format.

What Time Is It?

Adventure Time!
Digital Illustration done as promotional (and fan) art for the forthcoming Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time. The show looks amazing, and,if you haven't seen anything about it yet check it out here.

Good Luck! Flier Design.

Last week a very good friend approached me to do a flier for a forthcoming show he was booking featuring a wonderful, poppy-punk, good-time band named Good Luck, with whom I was previously unfamiliar. So. I listened to their music, took in my winter time surroundings and put this little guy together. Everyone was stoked!

Alex's Heart Show.

A piece done for a themed show where all artwork is done in the format of a heart (the show is this weekend for Valentines day). The heart template is supplied to you when you enter the show. This is the first acrylic paint I have touched in probably 5 years. I cut out the puking kids head from another piece of balsa, which, it turns out is terrible to paint on.

Barf. Still funny to me. Sort of.


So, having the time this year, I decided to contribute some things to the Fun-A-Day art project. The idea of this project is that you pick a theme (media, whatever) and do one piece a day for the entire month of January, and, come February, you put all your work up in a show.

My idea was to watch a terrible (or great, in a lot of cases) Post Apocalypse movie, and do a portrait of one of the survivors (or multiple survivors) from each. I tried to run the gamut from aliens to zombies to plague to mania. Here are sets of the finished illos. all about 5x7. Ink and Watercolor.