Hello Friends.

When you're unemployed you find yourself making things for people a lot. Whether to trade, or as gifts, or often, just to kill time.
This is a painting that gets two out of three of those done.
A small portrait of a few of my friends who share a house in South Philadelphia and their things/things they are into.
Merry X-mas, nerds.

University of the Arts Alumni.

So. A few years ago, I graduated from the University of the Arts. With a degree in Illustration. A move I wasn't sure of even when I was making it. Well; years later and hundreds of illustration projects later, I think a re-assessment of my judgement is in order.

Recently an invite was opened to all former illustration alumni to submit work to a faculty juried show. 5 submission enter, a couple may make it. And so on.

So, I turned in my 5 and lo and behold, actually managed to get 2 pieces accepted!


Here's one of them. It's an image I did for an Autumn Society show in reverence to DC comic's the Joker. It's a mash up of the Joker and Stephen King's Dark Tower ideas.

Title: Dork Tower.
11" x 26".


So. I like the Predator. I'm a dude, and I was born in 1980. Therefore this predilection for Predator is nearly mandatory. Plus: c'mon. Have you seen that movie? Probably one of the best things ever.

Awhile ago I had a solo art show at a wonderful cafe who hosts an amazing number of equally amazing artists in the Philadelphia area, and decided to step out of what is my normal comfort zone of digital illustration. Instead I did in a number of weeks about a hundred small paintings. Very childish in appearance and very varied in theme.

Here is one that never made it out to the interwebs, combining the two.

Original size of this piece is 6.5" x 24.5".

Hellboy 15th Anniversary Show.

So. I have been participating with a wonderful group of artists and illustrators and a higher caliber of nerd than I have any right to be a part of, calling themselves the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. And recently was asked to join in in a show celebrating the birth of one of modern comic's most creative and unique heroes: Hellboy.

My friend Peter and I collaborated on a promotional poster (for sale here) for the show and I created a standalone piece for display as well.
The poster does not leave much to the imagination, but, unless you are an in depth follower of Hellboy lore my piece may need some explanation.

I'll give you a brief one:this is the Ogdru Jahad, a 7 headed dragon, bringer of apocalypse. Protected by aliens. Something of a Lovecraftian thing to some, a more representational dragon to others.

I'll let you pick.


Dec. 1, 2009.

This is the old splash page to my former website.
With the onset of what appears to be a long stretch of un-employment ahead of me I plan on updating my internet presence a bit more, and getting my artwork and digital life more readily available for consumption.
This is the first step in that.
Thanks for stopping by!