So, there is this little project I've been lending a slight hand to in the form of some artworks, logos, etc. called: Little Baby's Ice Cream. Recently, and before they even really are in business, they got a sweet write up in the Philadelphia City Paper. Pretty neat bunch of fellas, pretty neat idea.
Stoked for their business to be up and running come spring.
My inner fat kid waits impatiently.

Heart Show, Job Hunting, Video Games.

Having a full-time freelance job is tricky. Sometimes you don't have enough hours in the day to finish all the work you have piled up. Then there's January, and your job disappears. Maybe for good? Who knows.
But with free time comes freeing of responsibilities. Thus, I had time again to participate in several recent awesome, fun, and (hopefully profitable) shows. The pic posted above is from this year's Heart Show, a fun event full of Philadelphia's finest talent. Always great for a mixed bag of amazing artworks.

Pictured are my juvenile endeavor as well as the more refined, lovely work of Alicia Neal, who is always in danger of getting her hands punched due to talent.

Also up this month:
Beautiful Blooms hosts a new Second Thursday on Liberties Walk show, jam packed with good folks and great works.
And Masthead Gallery has a piece that I am not comfortable reposting. Due to it's entirely evil nature.