Here's a new little limited color piece done for an Autumn Society show celebratin' Japanese Pop culture. Ultra-Mandance. The first dance is yours.


While I'm at it, here's another recently finished piece done for a Mars themed coloring book. The idea was to not stray too far from the realms of science, and possibility, namely: no aliens, space dragon/wizard battles, etc. This is a nod to both current technology and the idea of Mars being used as a backup Earth for when this one gets totally boned, which would be accomplished with space stations and shuttling and terraforming.

Pricks at Risk.

Piece done for an 80's Toy themed show for the Autumn Society. All my favorite jerk dudes from my collection, who were all trying to take over a world, in some regard, succeeding the only way they were gonna. What a bunch of turds. Seriously? Buzz Saw arms? Ridic.