Hey dudes! SO. In a rush after traveling I had to knock out a piece for the Autumn Society's Video Game Gore show, at the lovely Brave New Worlds. It's a subject I am totally in love with, and well versed in, but, since I didnt want to re-tread old ground, figured I would hammer out something new.

This piece is based on the ethereal, lovely, and brilliantly designed Xbox Live Arcade game Limbo, put out over the summer by a group of wonderfully talented Swedish designers. The game is very subtle, open to interpretation, and in a non-graphic way, extremely, extremely brutal. Anybody with an Xbox and a few hours should give it a go.

Anyhew. Here's my 2 color nod to their wonderful game.

Burning Bodies.

Hanging from poles.
I have always loved the Misfits.
This Halloween, thanks to the wonderful Sam Heimer, I get to do a piece detailing their most Halloween-centric song for a wonderful show called Hallowed Halloween. I hope to see some of you there...this show should be awesome.
Cheers, Ghouls and Ghosts.