Monster Creeps (A Fred Dekker Retrospective.)

So. This is seriously the thing I have been most excited about for weeks. Without being able to tell many folks about it.

What we have here is the promotional poster for an exclusive, 1 night art show/screening/meet and greet with a person who is undoubtedly one of the most influential artistic forces in my early years: director Fred Dekker, the mind behind such great films as House, Night of the Creeps and Monster Squad. I am seriously honored to be participating in this show at all, let alone doing a poster for it!

It seems like it will be a truly amazing night, and if anyone is around here for it, please stop by and check out the works of a bunch of amazing artists paying homage to a visionary director!

I attached the full size version above, so feel free to DL, and inspect closer.

Thanks dudes!

Good Luck! Part Deux.

(Click for FULL SIZE!)
So the lovely Mike Brennan recently approached me about doing a design of a flier for posi-pop-good time punk rockers Good Luck. It was to be the summer counterpart to the flier I put together for them over the winter: and here it is, tip to tails in 3 nights! Basically it's a dude for dude remake of the first one, only with switched seasons.

I need this band to do spring and fall tours too, I for no other reason than to finish the set.

The Dark and Deep is Full of Creeps.

(Click for Larger View!)

So, after exterminating all living things in our house (and being vacant from it for several days) I finally have had time to scan in and frame this lil' painting for an upcoming benefit show hosted by the always wonderful Ryann Casey entitled 'From Whence We Came'. It is an benefit held entirely for Oceanic conservation, a cause I can fully support, despite being terrified of the things that live below the water. Read a more in depth summary of it at the FB page invite, and if you can, stop by and grab some amazing cheap artwork!

Also, yes, all of the things in this are real creatures referenced from the book The Deep...which I highly recommend.