A Very Special Rob Bass Xmas Drawing.

So, this year was the first time in a long time I was involved in a Secret Santa. It was through work, which was an absolute joy, because I genuinely love everyone I work with. I was lucky enough to pull my bud Rob's name, who I had secretly been hoping for, because this was a thing I wanted to do, regardless of Secret Santa.

The story here is this: Rob draws at work all the time. He creates these awesome, scratchy, super imaginative monsters, wizards, skateboarding things, et al. and draws them all over our warehouse. Which is fucking great. Months ago he gave me a page of drawings in exchange for a bag of Andy Capp BBQ fries, which I took and recreated as a finished illustration. (Above.)

I took this retooled idea, slapped a stupid Justin filter on it, printed and framed it for his gift.
Below, see the original, my re-sketch, and the final side by side. I'm pretty stoked on all of it.

The Cake is a Lie.

(Click Above for Larger.)

This is a new project for a bit of an older (and terrific) videogame, Portal, done as an Xmas present for a great dude who has just run across it's addictive wonderfulness. I hope he likes it!