Friday Night Special!

Hey all! A quick blast about openings tonight! The newly opened, genuinely astounding Phantom Hand Gallery at 604 South St. will be hosting an opening tonight featuring artworks by some of Philadelphia's finest artists, in a pop-to-propaganda (or vice versa) salon. My MBMBaM fan-art propaganda piece will be making it's full color full size premier, and there will be a Hunger Games nod from the lovely, talented Alicia Neal, that is not to be missed.

And right down the street at the same time more or less, will be an event hosted by the awesome-as-shit Liz Demartino at Tattooed Mom's featuring: well, what the flier says: Skulls, Snakes, Art, Food, and Heavy Fucking Metal!

Hope to see folks out and about!

MBMBAM and a Year in Review.

So. As anyone who may read this may know: I get excited about things. Something will pop into the ole' noggin, and I will get absolutely stuck on it. Books, comics, movies, vijeogames, whatever.
This happened to me in the last year or so with podcasts. I work at the 'puter most of the day, and can't find it in me to listen to music all of the time, and so: podcasts.
And audiobooks.
But podcasts are free.

Of all the things I listen to, only one over the last year has forced me out of my chair and the office with school-boyish giggle fits. Which is something a grown ass man shouldn't have to write. That podcast is: My Brother, My Brother, and Me: An advice show for the modern era. See their complete deal at the link.

This is a piece constructed from ideas jotted down that made me laugh (too often actually out loud) over the last year of changing jobs, headlights, and opinions and for a Pop-propaganda show (Upcoming). All the mini illo's. are from 2011 episodes of the show, so if they don't make a whole lotta sense right now: don't sweat it. Do the research and go listen.

And I may be getting these made at some point, so holler at a dude if you want a print, and we'll work something out.

And thanks for looking!